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We have exciting news; Our practice has invested in the latest technologies that scan your spine and nerves for these deeper changes. A series of precision sensors can detect tiny changes within your muscles, joints, temperature controls and even your heart rhythms.  This powerful technology then takes all the data from these different tests and calculates your spinal health score. These tests take only a few minutes to perform and are completely safe. They are designed to "listen" and “measure” how well your spine and nerves are working together. COREscore™ Reporting Utilizing the sEMG, Thermal and Pulse Wave Profiler.

The first test we will use looks at the temperature along each side of the spine. The body's temperature controls are affected by pressure and tension in the spinal nerves. Researchers have found that changes in temperature along the spine are directly related to how well organs work! Measuring the subtle changes temperature control allows us an inside view of how body systems are responding to stress.

The next test uses two sensors (SEMG) that lightly touch the skin along the back and neck so that the tiny nerve signals (what’s making your muscles work), can be assessed. Our technology knows exactly how much energy the muscles along the spine should "spend" to maintain proper posture and alignment. If these signals are too strong or even too weak, the computerized program will detect and score the results. Muscles that are constantly overworked tire more easily and are part of the picture in a patient's overall sense of fatigue and exhaustion.

The third test in this examination is known as Heart Rate Variability(HRV). While you sit quietly in the examination room, your hand is placed on a sensing platform that monitors your heart rate over 5 minutes. This test is widely used in cardiology, exercise physiology, psychology and now chiropractic. It is a reliable and valid procedure that measures the beat to beat timings of your heart. This data is collected and run through computer programs to look at the way that your body handles lifestyle stress. Everything from anxiety, work and family pressures, poor diet, lack of exercise or old injuries can leave a stain on the body's stress management systems. HRV gives us an accurate reading on the amount of "reserve" you have available for keeping up with the daily demands. It is also an excellent method for tracking how well you are recovering and regaining your vital energy. And helps us to know how you are adapting to stress and if you are on a path toward health and wellness (parasympathetic dominance) or in a pattern that is leading you toward sickness and disease (sympathetic dominance). 

All of this important information from each test will be reviewed by Dr. Walker.  By combining the scores from each of the tests, an overall result, known as the COREscore™ is produced. This is your stress number. It represents how efficiently your spinal nerves are working to keep you in the healthy zone. A perfect score is 100. Your score is shown in the box on the report. Our goal will be to get you moving towards that 100 score!

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