We are pleased to offer a Revolutionary Fee Structure based on providing access to chiropractic adjustments as needed to correct spinal subluxations, thereby restoring normal nerve function to help you reach your true health potential.  The purpose of these memberships is, to allow you and your family affordable care, and the opportunity to utilize Chiropractic as a part of your lifestyle.  Chiropractic care is a key component in your overall health and well-being   
Our vision is to radically transform the health of thousands of families in the coastal bend through regular Chiropractic care.  Our Chiropractic Lifestyle Memberships are helping to make that vision a reality.

Here is how the memberships work: We have month to month and monthly auto-debit memberships available for individuals, and families. The fees for memberships are for full access to our office, which includes; up to 12 chiropractic adjustments per month, (based on your care plan recommendations), as well as a consultation, spinal exam, and our required New Member Orientation classes to provide educational information about Chiropractic and how to live a healthier lifestyle.


The membership is not an insurance program. Members understand that no insurance will be billed by our office or by the members themselves.

There are two types of companies (in our case practices): those that work hard to charge customers/clients more, and those that work hard to charge customers or clients less. Although both approaches can work, we are firmly in the second camp. 


What is a Chiropractic Lifestyle Membership?  Well, for years I have been saying that the best way to benefit from Chiropractic care is to use it as a part of your lifestyle.

Chiropractic will benefit you as much or as little as you want it to, just like a gym membership. If you only use the gym periodically you will not obtain the results you originally sought out to achieve when joining the gym. And utilizing Chiropractic in a limited capacity gives you limited results on your journey to health.  


We see people of all ages, from birth to the elderly, and have affordable fees for a per visit option or memberships for individuals, and families.


  • $30 Functional assessment spinal scan (This is for all new patients and is part of 1st visit) and re-scans.

  • $45 pay per visit option

  • $140 Month to Month membership for your first 30 days for an individual with no commitment.

  • $90 Lifestyle Membership for an individual (12 month commitment) and after attending one of our new member orientation classes

  • For all memberships: immediate family members may be added for only $25 to your monthly membership per family member. (immediate family members include spouse and children under age 21 living at home).


Call 361-994-0052 today to schedule your initial consultation and spinal examination to include a functional assessment of your spine.

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